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        Wholly owned holding units:
        Wuxi Weifu Lida Catalytic Converter Co.,Ltd.
        Wuxi Taiji industry Co.,Ltd.
        Wuxi Hongyuan Electromechanical Technology Co.,Ltd.
        Wuxi Venture Capital Group Co.,Ltd.
        Wuxi Financial Holding Factoring Co.,Ltd.
        Wuxi Financial Leasing Co.,Ltd.
        Wuxi Xidong Science & Technology Industrial Park Co.,Ltd.
        Wuxi Beichuang Science & Technology Innovation Park
        Wuxi National Development Metal Resources Co., Ltd.
        Wuxi Jinde Asset Management Co.,Ltd.
        NeoMEMS Technologies Inc.,Wuxi,China
        Jiangsu NJU Environmental Technology Co.,Ltd.
        Jiangsu Huilian Aluminum Co.,Ltd.
        Wuxi-Nanda Green Materials Science and Engineering Institute Co.,Ltd.
        Wuxi Sunan Agricultural and Sideline Products Logistics Co.,Ltd.
        Sunport Power Corp., Ltd.
        Smit Thermal Solution B.V., Netherlands

        Participating units  
        Jiangsu Wuxi Sunny Group Co.,Ltd.
        Wuxi Tianpeng Group Co.,Ltd.
        Bühler Co.,Ltd.